Laguna Quezon Land Grant: Sustainable Reforestation of the Sierra Madres

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
9000 ha

Geographical features of site
Mountainous forest with hundreds of Philippine native agro-forest tree species

Objectives of restoration
Community-based livelihood program, biodiversity conservation, nursery management, eco-tourism

Type/method of restoration
Community Based (Social) Agroforestry with Livelihood Development. Seeking to achieve FSC certification on part of the site, which has been mapped for various biofunctions, including ecotourism.

Challenges and threats to the area
Illegal logging and deforestation for charcoal making by informal settlers funded by urban populations seeking to illegally claim land.

Communities involved (indicate size)
Barangay (Village) Magsaysay, Kapitalan, Poblacion, Mayatba, etc.

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives
More efforts on the community (social forestry and enterprise), and needs more focus on tackling socio-economic issues bottom up to address and provide sustainable livelihood to communities in the area and surroundings; also requires more enforcement by relevant and assigned government agencies. Requires large scaling up now in commercially viable crops, including citronella, coconut, possibly pili nut, etc.

Site Information
FEED - Fostering Education And Environment For Development, Inc.
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