Nabunturan Native Tree Enthusiasts

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Size of area being restored
Municipal Wide

Objectives of restoration
To educate, organize, and muster the saving, growing, and maintaining the propagation, conservation and protection of native trees in the forests, farms, communities, schools toward sustainable development inspired by inter-generational responsibility. Likewise to transform Nabunturan as the “Green City of Native Trees”.

Type/method of restoration
Multi-Restoration Strategy Approach (Arboretum and Private Forests, Watershed Restoration, School, Park and Community Greening)

Communities involved (indicate size)
Municipal wide

Carlo Ancla is a lawyer, and a Municipal Councilor in Nabunturan, Davao de Oro whose advocacy focuses on the environment, particularly on promoting and conserving Philippine Native Trees.

He began his journey on Philippine Native Trees and Rewilding his hometown 9 years ago, when he was part of the collaboration with Energy Development Corporation – Binhi Program. After realizing his interest for native trees, Atty Carlo began searching for mother trees in his locality with the help of his friends from DENR, to propagate, disperse, and save them.

Currently, Atty. Carlo Ancla is one of the active and inspiring Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts. Among his efforts for this advocacy is having successfully transformed their backyard in Nabunturan into a small native tree forest where birds and bees, and other wildlife can also consider it as their home. He also formalized and founded the establishment of Nabunturan Native Tree Enthusiasts whose members become his main partner in achieving their shared vision – the vision to create their Municipality as a “Green City of Native Trees”. Thus, in achieving this goals he and his team partnered with the LGU in the establishment of a 1.4 hectare Arboretum which will sooner become a seed production area; the establishment of a Native Tree Buffer Zones in Plantations and Livestock Industries; The reforestation and Vegetation-Improvement of their Watersheds; The Creation of Barangay-declared Parks among the municipality; and the implementation of School-based Rewilding which flowering native trees will be added in the landscape of local schools.

For Rewilder Carlo and his team, in order to sustain their passion for native trees and achieve their vision – they never stop propagating native trees. Hence, they have become the largest and the most successful native tree nursery in the country.

Nabunturan Native Tree Enthusiasts
Municipality of Nabunturan, Davao
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Atty. Carlo Ancla
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