Ayala Westgrove Heights Subdivision

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
200 ha (50% of the Total Land Area of the Subdivision)

Objectives of restoration
Its goal was, and is, to aid national efforts to conserve native trees and to increase biodiversity in the area both for plants and wildlife.

Type/method of restoration
Landscape Greening using Native Trees

Communities involved (indicate size)
Ayala Westgrove Subdivision Community Members

Leni Sutcliffe is the chairperson of the Environment Committee of Ayala Westgrove Heights in Silang, Cavite. She is currently taking lead on the greening and rewilding efforts on the 200 of the 400-hectare area of their subdivision, which was started in 2011 through the approval of the Environment Committee by the Westgrove Board of Directors.

The goal of their community is to aid the national efforts to conserve and promote Philippine native trees, and to increase biodiversity in their subdivision both for plants and wildlife. To date, they have planted about 4,000 native trees, covering more than 200 species. In addition, they have successfully published a guidebook, and made a digital inventory on almost every native tree thriving in their village to increase awareness and information among residents and visitors.

Furthermore, they have also kept records of wildlife that shares the same home with them in Westgrove – 86 bird species, 80 butterflies, 52 moths, 41 other insects, 22 reptiles (including 17 snakes) and 37 mushroom species–and have formulated protocols to ensure the protection of these creatures, and provide a coexisting habitat with them.

Pursuant to their advocacy, they are also providing seeds to like-minded enthusiasts, mainly through Philippine Native Tree Enthusiast to spread the same passion and commitment for native trees across the archipelago.

Now, Ms. Sutcliffe and her team are working towards getting officially declared as a Native Tree and Wildlife Sanctuary in the country.

Ayala Westgrove Heights Subdivision
Ayala Westgrove Heights Subdivision, South Boulevard, Silang, Cavite
Site Information
Individual Spearheading
Leni Sutcliffe
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