Increasing biodiversity through organic farming and agroecology

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
4.7ha, 3.5ha, 12ha, 7ha (patches)

Geographical features of site
sloping, swampy, riparian, coastal, and agriculture land

Objectives of restoration
Increasing biodiversity in the current monocropped coconuts and promoting the practice of organic farming and agroecology

Type/method of restoration
Agroecology, rainforestation, mosaic forests, and permaculture

Challenges and threats to the area
– Typhoon prone and climate-induced disasters,
– Illegal logging, quarrying, land and coastal erosion, coral bleaching,
– Solid waste management,
– Reduced productivity of community livelihood options

Communities involved (indicate size)
Private land – 8 hectares of agroforest land, 12 hectares of beach and mangrove forest ecotourism site

Barangays and respective POs – Brgy. Sangay (1511 Ha, 190HH) Binay Island (122 Ha, 95 HH), Monbon (266 Ha, 335 HH)

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives
Typhoon prone and climate-induced disasters – use of permaculture design principles, partnership with MDRRMO and MPDO in awareness campaigns

Illegal logging, quarrying, land and coastal erosion, coral bleaching – Mosaic forests, agroecology, and partnership with DENR

Solid waste management – partnership with MENRO, parish, and local PO in awareness campaigns and plastic alternatives

Reduced productivity of community livelihood options – regenerative agriculture, sustainable livelihood options, and mangrove restoration

Support needed and details:

— Financing for restoration
Currently we are working on budgets that can be allocated from Barangay and Municipal AIPs, but their scope is limited and funding mostly delayed, most of our work is done on a volunteer basis – hence it’s slow paced

— Financing for livelihood
Consultations with communities have pointed out that although there are projects by government, there is very little follow-through with market access or processing of raw materials

— Volunteer engagement
Our location is not very accessible for outsider volunteers but we could imagine volunteers to help us improve our online presence

— Awareness and education
In line with the ask for trainings and consultations with restoration experts and scientists for better baseline data and science-backed solutions, there are close to no organizations in our area with knowledge and awareness

Site Information
Sarayo Forests
Map Location