ASQ Bakhawan Eco-Park Restoration

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
220 ha

Geographical features of site
Relatively flat with brackish water on river delta with sand dunes, sandy beaches and canals. Sand is mixed with mud from siltation deposits

Objectives of restoration
1. Place a mangrove belt to protect community at risk of storm surges, typhoon, etc.
2. Restore old mangrove forest that was deforested in the 1920’s.

Type/method of restoration
Planting with natural growth

Challenges and threats to the area
1. Illegal logging
2. Continued erosion of sediments
3. Lack of technical support
4. Encroachment of illegal settler

Communities involved (indicate size)
Coastal communities of New Buswang, Old Buswang, Bakhaw Norte,Bakhaw Sur,Andagao & Pook

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives; learnings
1.Engaging the Community and various stakeholders.
2. Regular planting, inspection and remedies when necessary.
3.Have an engaged organization to manage the location.

ASQ Bakhawan Eco-Park Restoration
New Buswang Kalibo, Aklan
Site Information
KASAMA - Kalibo Save The Mangroves Association, Inc.
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