Justice German G. Lee Nature Sanctuary

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
4 ha

Geographical features of site
2 hectares mangrove forest, 2 hectares beach and lowland forest with freshwater springs

Objectives of restoration
Reforestation, increasing biodiversity, propagating native trees, green space for ecotherapies and nature-based learning, food forest for food sovereignty, sanctuary and learning center

Type/method of restoration
Revegetation, habitat enhancement, remediation of ecosystems

Natural / biodiversity assessments done
General environment assessment, particularly for soil and water quality; animal and plant species inventory (with help from Zoological Society of London); bird inventory (with help from local bird group)

Challenges and threats to the area
The property was originally an abandoned fishpond and abandoned monocrop farmland — soil and water quality had to be improved considerably. Some of the natural challenges included no biodiversity, livestock intrusion, flooding, water runoff, soil erosion, and poor soil quality — a denuded and degraded landscape. Social challenges included issues with safety and security (of humans and resources) due to presence of an adjacent community, trespassing by neighbours and other individuals, and initial resistance by the adjacent community to restoration and protection process.

Communities involved (indicate size)
Family of four, with project-based volunteers, and project-based staff

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives
Soil building and banking, flood controls through swales and ponds, revegetation and assisted reforestation, increasing the biodiversity within the property with native species, management and monitoring

Support needed and details:

— Awareness and education
As a private initiative, we would like to increase our science-based knowledge and protocols, so we would appreciate if we can access trainings, workshops, short courses, learning trips, conferences regarding biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration and management, conservation education, nature-based learning, and the like.

Justice German G. Lee Nature Sanctuary
Sitio Bacsije, Barangay Ocaña, Carcar City, Cebu
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Justice German G. Lee Jr Nature Sanctuary
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